Why the Suzuki Jimny is a winner

If at first it doesn't work, redesign it. That's what Suzuki has done with the Jimny. Now the Jimny is hitting sales records. In most car showrooms the Jimny is always sold out.
Off-road enthusiasts can't seem to get enough of the Jimny

My first encounter with the Suzuki Jimny was in 1996, at a Catholic school in Meru.

It was a small Suzuki that the headteacher and Catholic priests and nuns used to run errands. The Suzuki was well maintained and tough as a nail.

In the 90s, Landrovers were still the most reliable mode of transport on the then untarmarked Meru roads.

Landrovers were used for everything, as Matatus to carry people from Meru town to the interior and to ferry Meru’s green gold, Miraa.

The fact that the Catholic Diocese chose a Suzuki over the ubiquitous Landrover for use in a remote part of Meru says a lot about their belief in its off-roading capability. Anywhere the Ndamba (Kimeru for Landrover) went, the small Suzuki could also go.

Here is why the 2020 Suzuki Jimny has won over so many off-road enthusiasts’ hearts

  • It is well designed
  • Affordable
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Great off-road capability
  • It has won the awards for best design


Suzuki Jimnys always looked good until the 3rd generation Jimny when Suzuki lost it design wise with the bland 3rd gen Suzuki Jimny design.

Whoever redesigned 4th generation 2019 Jimny should get a raise for redeeming the Jimny design. He or she looked at everything that makes a 4×4 and successful incorporated all those things into the 2019 Jimny. Especially the retro design that has always worked for all classic 4x4s. If you look at it you will find bits of the Landcruiser 70 series, Mercedes G-wagon, Jeep and Landrover

Suzuki has gone back to the Suzuki heritage design and it is by far the best looking lightweight 4×4 out there right now. It looks a lot like the Jeep renegade but much better

There is a reason why the Landcruiser 70 series is still so popular, my only wish is that Toyota built a Landcruiser 70 version that was a small as the Jimny.

The Jimny feels personal. It says I am practical. It says I don’t want to follow trends anymore, I have found something that works and I am happy. I hope Suzuki sticks with this design and only keeps improving it without any major changes. 4×4 enthusiasts will always want a lightweight 4×4 that looks like this and so Suzuki is assured of loyal customers to come. The design is so good it has converted people who are really 4×4 diehards.

Suzuki, please let this be the final Jimny design iteration. This is your Landcruiser. Improve it, don’t change it.

Fuel consumption

At 6.4 litres for every 100km, the small engine 1.5 litre engine means the 40-litre fuel tank will get you a lot of mileage.

The fact that it consumes so little makes the Jimny an excellent daily driver.


In Kenya, the 2019 Suzuki Jimny can be bought from Toyota Kenya as well as CMC. The price of the Suzuki Jimny in Kenya is Kshs 2.7 million. The Jimny is in such high demand in Kenya that you have to book with Toyota Kenya and wait months to get your hands on one.

Offroad capability

Definitely the toughest small SUV. The Jimny is not another SUV masquerading as a 4×4. It has been tried and tested on Kenya’s rough roads and proven to be as hardy as any 4×4.

The body angles and ground clearance of the Jimny lets you explore to the limit with a generous approach, ramp break over, and departure angles. Its high ground clearance lets you take on the steepest slopes, sharpest descents and gnarliest obstacles without scraping or catching.

The Awards

Finally, Suzuki has gone back to what made their cars popular in the first place, and for that, the Jimny won the award for best design and urban car.


If you still need convincing that the 2020 Suzuki Jimny is worth all the hype, check out the video below.

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